Our Mission

Beausino is the leading glassware manufacturer dedicated in helping wholesalers and brand owners fulfill their glass packaging by top-end manufacturing.

Our Mission is to inspire creativity in glass packaging and reducing energy emissions, increasing recycled content in our glasswares.

Our Vision is to export our exceptional glasswares to every communities in the earth and to be recycled by the nature.


Our Production Control

We pay attention to environmental protection production, During whole production process, we through the recycling of broken glass, desulfurization production equipment, and automatic cooling and packaging process, it meets environmental protection requirements and realizes environmental protection production.

Raw material Management

We adopt cutting-edge glass recycling processes to reduce the consumption of raw materials.

glassware raw material management

Clean Energy Glass Kiln

We have a number of auto production lines, packed with sufficient glass production capacity

Glass Products Packaging

Glass is a kind of fragile material. However, the quantity orders are bigger, the lower the breakage rate. We have sufficient experience to ship under multiple insurances of protection.

glassware packaging

Glassware Warehouse

We have plenty of glassware SKUs, therefore we also have a large warehouse to store larger quanities to catch up the needs of our customers.

Glass Bottle Manufacturers


Beausino deeply understands that service is always one of the most important keys to success. To better serve our international clients and efficiently operate the export business, more than 15 staff are now employed in the International Trade Department of Beausino. We promise to take every need of you into account, respond to your requirement on time and keep putting efforts into improving our service quality. Our export service team is experienced in the quotation, product knowledge, and shipping inquiry.


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